toys r us massacre revisited

so i picked up a combo box from Toys r us today… here is the cost and the packs inside.

first of all let it be known that there were 2 cards floating individually in the sealed box, 1 patch, 1 auto… no namers, but im counting them towards the hits.

Total box cost:  $26.49

Packs and hits received: (all cards listed are base/common unless otherwise noted) pack Prices are from dacardworld unless otherwise noted

2011 Rookies & Stars – nothing   $1

2011 Upper Deck – nothing   $0.62

2011 Absolute – Peyton Manning    $0.83

2011 Score – nothing   $0.55

2011 Score – Mark Ingram hot rookie  $0.55

2011 Absolute Rack – Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady  $0.51

2012 Platinum – Kirk Cousins refractor, Jimmy Graham   $3.99 target

2012 Topps – Trent Richardson  $1.99 target

2012 Topps – Peyton Manning Draft Picks  $1.99 target

2012 SAGE HIT High Series Rack – 2x Trent Richardsons , 2x Kendall Wright  $4.00

2013 Leaf Draft – Eddie Lacy  $1.00

2013 Leaf Draft – nothing  $1.00

Total retail value of packs pulled from this $26.49 combo box:   $18.03

No further comments.


One thought on “toys r us massacre revisited

  1. thefuture84

    hey pack hound,

    that kirk cousins refractor sounds like a pretty decent hit.

    personally i would take that money and put it towards a longevity box that has real hits but that’s just me.


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