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Resurrection of the Blog

2 Racks of 2014 Upper Deck = $10 (Target)

Hit a Manziel Star Rookie #80 (average price of last 73 sold is $4.90) I will update what mine actually sells for. That’s pretty high for a common.


toys r us massacre revisited

so i picked up a combo box from Toys r us today… here is the cost and the packs inside.

first of all let it be known that there were 2 cards floating individually in the sealed box, 1 patch, 1 auto… no namers, but im counting them towards the hits.

Total box cost:  $26.49

Packs and hits received: (all cards listed are base/common unless otherwise noted) pack Prices are from dacardworld unless otherwise noted

2011 Rookies & Stars – nothing   $1

2011 Upper Deck – nothing   $0.62

2011 Absolute – Peyton Manning    $0.83

2011 Score – nothing   $0.55

2011 Score – Mark Ingram hot rookie  $0.55

2011 Absolute Rack – Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady  $0.51

2012 Platinum – Kirk Cousins refractor, Jimmy Graham   $3.99 target

2012 Topps – Trent Richardson  $1.99 target

2012 Topps – Peyton Manning Draft Picks  $1.99 target

2012 SAGE HIT High Series Rack – 2x Trent Richardsons , 2x Kendall Wright  $4.00

2013 Leaf Draft – Eddie Lacy  $1.00

2013 Leaf Draft – nothing  $1.00

Total retail value of packs pulled from this $26.49 combo box:   $18.03

No further comments.

Buried Skeletons

so when i tried to log into my photobucket i forgot about my original account, and i found pictures of myself from an anime convention (Yasumicon 2006) i probably dont have to tell you this, but i’m the gorilla in all the pictures.

good times. uploading scans now. will add them as i scan. you can also find these in my bucket at:


New goal / idea

I am going to give myself a budget of $100 For the next few weeks, let’s say November 10th this will end, though the shipping time is going to screw this up and take most of the time to accomplish the goal. I will start with $100 and see how far I can get by then, how well I can build up my collection by trading/breaking whatever. I’m including my Finest case breaks I plan on winning tonight.


So after Sunday’s football game massacre , alot of people are dumping players’ cards just because of one game, and alot of players are getting big offers: Clay Matthews, just because he tackled a QB and they replay’d it 17 times before the game was over. Lamar Miller is getting alot of hate. That’s fine. I still have my Brees auto patch /5 , i was going to lower the price from $275 to $220 but I’d rather just hang onto it. Will scan more cards later tonight.