the Tannehill was from a trade. It is #80/83 – the others I got from the Jumbo 3 box break



Friday morning and this is what I have on its way:

5 Bowman 2012 Hotpacks

8 2012 Topps Platinum

2 Boxes of 2013 Topps

8 Packs of 2012 Bowman

8/15 Card Blog

Going to target today at lunch to see what’s what with the packs over there. We already hit the hillsboro and 441 targets so we picked those clean. They have a 99 cent box that has upper deck 2011 we can get for $1.50. Found a kaepernick rookie in one $15….. I’ll update this again when I get back with any hits. Also gonna try to hoard some for the end of the season.

Update today: Annnnd we’re back from Target. Picked up a blaster box of 2012 bowman, a pack of 2011 Upper Deck, and a pack of 2008 Gridiron Gear….i pulled:

1 Drew Brees common

1 Doug Martin #155 but it was damaged so its worthless

Also had a youtube box break of 2012 Topps Finest – hit basically nothing…. had saints and pats. Will post updates tomorrow.